Ropes Courses

A ropes or challenge course is a series of activities that are constructed to provide individuals and teams with challenges to solve and overcome. Through the activities and the debriefing, teams are able to develop consistent behaviors and learning moments that can be evaluated and adjusted for use in the daily environment.

During a High Ropes course you can expect there to be physical, mental, and emotional challenges. High Ropes courses provide an exciting and unforgettable experience that will have you soaring through the air, accomplishing things you might never have known to be possible. These experiences will inspire confidence and imagination, bringing your team to new heights.

A Low Ropes course also provides thrills for your team on the ground. In our Low Ropes courses you will be met with seemingly impossible puzzles that challenge you to think outside of the box and work together in new ways. Your team will be able to learn ways to communicate better, solve problems efficiently, and support each other a long the way.

We often recommend a combination of our Low and High Ropes courses. The two different courses offer many complimentary aspects that we can adjust and match up with your groups personal goals and objectives.