Specialty Topics

Teamworks offers a wide variety of specialty programs from 2 hours to multiple days in length. We will focus on topics of your choosing including:

Performance Management
A key role for managers and leaders is providing timely and effective feedback, both positive and constructive. However, most of us are never taught effective ways to handle difficult conversation or how to provide positive feedback that causes high performers to do even better. In this program attendees will learn tips to doing both well and how to avoid traps that can limit effectiveness.

Change Management
When you work in turbulent times, effective employees quickly adapt and flex with change. They also need to get colleagues aligned with change and understand the impact this change has on people and systems. This session provides critical tools to help deal with change.

Presentation Skills
Have you ever had to sit through meetings where the presentations were dry, boring or and endless string of overstuffed PowerPoint slides? This program will give attendees practical skills, practice and coaching in developing and presenting material in a way that is more engaging. Attendees receive a video of their presentation and personal coaching on their format and style.

Conflict Management
Participants will understand the value of conflict, learning tools and techniques for effective conflict resolution. The group will also learn successful management tactics that will assist in developing win-win situations for all involved.

MBTI and You
This session enables you to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator online before the program. Your session will include an overview of your MBTI results, a look at your team profile, a review of work group communication styles, and improving communication from the team and the manager perspectives.

360 Assessment
With a tremendous amount of change in today’s workplace, even the best leaders, managers, employees, and teams need the insight provided by their team. Teamworks will work with you to administer the 360 feedback tool and ongoing developmental, with coaching sessions that can include face-to-face, phone, and email discussions. Participants receive 360 feedback, application tools, and techniques to create improvement and tangible work assignments.