Train the Trainer

We have all had the misfortune of sitting through training sessions that are less than engaging and based more on the trainer rather than the needs of the audience. Good trainers make it look easy and we can coach your in house trainers to improve their skills and abilities. We will work with your trainers and develop their facilitation and presentation skills so that they are able to provide the best training possible. They will learn tricks and traps for presenting, group management and material development.

Experiential Learning is the strategic use of challenging indoor and outdoor experiences to stimulate insight and improvement. This methodology produces rapid and profound learning experiences for the participants and ultimately for the organization as a whole. We will teach your trainers how to speak to their audience in ways that keep everyone engaged and actively listening and learning. After going through our workshops, your trainers will know how to facilitate group and individual learning processes in ways that encourage long-term improvement for the participants.

Most training, such as lectures, classroom and computer-based are purely cerebral; involving only the visual and auditory parts of a person’s nervous system and often results in boredom and disinterest. Experiential Learning introduces a third sensory system, which is usually ignored in traditional training, called kinesthetic. By getting people physically involved, there is less “drifting away” and daydreaming. Learning is anchored within each person and can be recalled and used professionally and personally.